iLuna: the astrological lunar calendar. The phase of the Moon, the sign of the Moon and the void-of-course period for many years

About The Lunar Days

Lunar Day 5


The fifth day is unhappy - whatever is lost, is lost forever. A fatal day for criminals: any their action will be discovered and punished. A child born on this day will not live long without an outside help. Illnesses are fatal.


The symbol is Unicorn which means, among other things, truthfulness to one's principles and duty. In this lunar day that symbolizes the beginning of assimilation and transformation of food, one should pay much attention to the food. Food of animal origin is counter-indicated, it is better to give preference to milk and cheese.

It would be make a trip to somewhere, to gather and dry herbs, to make a tincture, to part with tears with something you don't need. One should not fuss or fast.


Lunar Day 6


The day of happiness and passions. Very good and successful for science and research, for any kind of intellectual and spiritual activities, for a search for lost people, animals or things. A child born on this day will live until old age. The one who will fall ill will be none the worse for it. Quite an unsuccessful day for thieves and other criminals. It is better not to tell anyone about your dreams.


The symbol is a crane. This day is related to assimilation of cosmic energy, finding the Grace, love, forgiveness, prophesies, mental and verbal work. Good for rejuvenation. Clear or completely covered with clouds sky - a sign of absence of harmony in the world. Good signs: clouds in the sky, melodious chime.


Lunar Day 7


This day is preferable for the pursuits that can be completed quickly. It is better to avoid anything that can drag on. It will bring success in those affairs where justice is observed. A child born on this day will have a robust health. All illnesses will be easily cured, dreams can be fulfilled. A successful day for any kind of surgery. For thieves, murderers, criminals it is unhappy.


Symbol - a rooster. Devoted to the avestian god Sraoshi. A day of serious provocations and adventures, prayer and verbal magic. Communication with the spirits of Nature is desirable. One should not tell lies, gossip, tear paper, break dishes, eat chicken or eggs, extract teeth. One can get rid of parasite words. Game-cock in a dream is a sign of a catastrophe either for the person himself or for his relatives.

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