iLuna: the astrological lunar calendar. The phase of the Moon, the sign of the Moon and the void-of-course period for many years

Lunar Mansion 1, Al-Sharatain

0° Aries – 12° 51' 26'' Aries

Good For

Traveling, healing. Beginnings. Doing business. Gardening. Taking care of hair and nails.

Not Good For

Love and friendship. Hiring employees.


Movement, change, beginning. Burst of energy. Use of force.


Warnock: It provides the impetus to move forward, to overcome inertia and change the status quo. The mansion is auspicious for journeys and for taking medicine, as here the Moon transmits the force and power vital to breaking the hold of illness over the body.

Warnock: Mansion's intense concentration of force can also be dangerous — overly intense and fiery. Thus the mansion is inauspicious for love and friendship. Too much force, too much forward momentum tends to undermine close personal relationships.

Warnock: Is associated with beginnings. It can indicate an imminent journey or trip, or the initiation of a new cycle in the life of the querent. It may indicate that it is time to begin the treatment of an illness, or it can serve as a warning that it is time to take the "medicine" of breaking out of a stagnant situation. It reminds us of the double-edged nature of beginnings, which are also endings and sometimes destructive.

Warnock: Might indicate the existence of anger and hostility, either within us, or manifested against us. As useful as this burst of energy can be, we must be careful in how we direct that force.

Warnock: Can indicate our luck of energy and force and the need to invoke the assistance of this mansion, or it can be a warning that we are losing control by being too forceful and aggressive , particularly in personal dealings.

Warnock: The wise men of India began journeys and began making medicines when the Moon was in this mansion.

Volguine: A great need for movement.

Volguine: Forces in conflict, whirlwinds, which are expressed in day-to-day life as quarrels. Very favourable influence on business.

Volguine: The mark of a career filled with many salient events, and in no way a flat level existence.

Agrippa: Causes discords, and journeys.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, it is good to take medicine, put beasts to pasture, and to begin a journey, but not in the second hour of the day. But wed not while the Moon is in this Mansion, nor in the sign of the Ram. Buy no servant, for he shall be a shrew, disobedient or fugitive. Buy tame beasts. Ride and make your journey by water, if you will, for you shall have good passage. Take no acquaintance of new fellowship, for it shall not last. He that is taken shall be imprisoned long. Make your armour, plant your trees. Cut your hair and your nails. Make your clothes and wear them. But see in all these things that the Moon be free from unfortunate aspects of the wicked planets.

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