iLuna: the astrological lunar calendar. The phase of the Moon, the sign of the Moon and the void-of-course period for many years

Lunar Mansion 17, Al-Iklil

25° 42' 51'' Libra – 8° 34' 17'' Scorpio

Good For

Financial security. Friendship. Love and marriage. Building. Promotion. Healing. Cutting hair.

Not Good For

Traveling. Risky commercial operations.


Prevented loss. Friendship.


Warnock: When this Mansion appears, it is generally a positive indication in financial questions. We may be in fear of loss, but Al-Iklil reassures us that we are, in fact, in a position of safety and security. It also signals to us that the period of amassing wealth is past, and now is the time for assessment and the safe guarding of what we have accrued.

Warnock: Al-Iklil might also alert us to the possibility of impending loss, which can however, with prudence, be avoided.

Warnock: Make images ... to make buildings firm and stable, to make safe travel by water. And everyone agrees that you should create friendship with a friend when the Moon is in this Mansion so that the friendship will be durable and never destroyed, and for that reason make in this mansion all images for love to last.

Warnock: The talisman of Al-Iklil is "in order that thieves may not enter into the house and plunder it".

Volguine: Favourable for marriage. It enables the native to achieve a responsible position.

Volguine: Warns the native to be on guard throughout life, since slander is always threatened. Very often warns that a greater part of the native's actions will be severely criticised by certain persons in his circle.

Volguine: A sign of success in occupations and acquisition of a good position.

Agrippa: It betters a bad fortune, makes love durable, strengthens buildings, and helps seamen.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, buy sheep and beasts and put them to pasture. Wear new clothes. Besiege towns. Wed no maiden. Build and it shall last well. And if you enter into a ship, you shall have anger and sorrow, but you shall escape. Make love days. Take no new fellowship. Receive medicines. Shear not your hair. Buy no servants.

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