iLuna: the astrological lunar calendar. The phase of the Moon, the sign of the Moon and the void-of-course period for many years

Lunar Mansion 19, Al-Shaulah

21° 25' 43'' Scorpio – 4° 17' 09'' Sagittarius

Good For

Farming and gardening. Aggressive actions. Hunting.

Not Good For

Business and commerce. Friendship. Family matters. Traveling by sea.


Battle and besiegement. Loss and sadness.


Warnock: Al-Shaulah is auspicious for the placement of armies outside of cities and advancement upon them, and for the increase of crops. It is inauspicious for liberation and ships.

Warnock: Auspicious for battle and besiegement, this mansion indicates that we must be steady and assertive to attain our goals, and may need to be confrontational. It can also signal the onset of arguments and conflict, and warn us that we are behaving in a manner too aggressive or argumentative.

Warnock: Al-Shaulah also carries the association of Mars with blood, and Scorpio with the genitals. In a question regarding pregnancy or birth, this Mansion gives a negative indication. But by contrast, it could indicate a positive resolution of problems of amenorrhea.

Warnock: On a more subtle level, this mansion can indicate a need to acknowledge the natural cycles in our lives, that we must not block the normal ebb and flow of events. This Mansion evokes feelings of loss and sadness, feelings that are inevitable in life, but which we would avoid given a choice. When this Mansion appears, we can prepare for the pain and sorrow it presages, trusting that there is purpose and order, and that our current suffering will pass.

Warnock: ...For men to travel better through roads and villages, increase harvests, ...for hastening the menses of women.

Volguine: Fluids must be guarded against; it is preferable to undertake nothing at this time.

Volguine: Favorable for hunting and personal ideas, but unfavourable for commerce and fixity of residence.

Volguine: Favors those who work for others rather than employers and self-employed persons; it is also a good omen for earnings towards the end of life.

Volguine: Unfavorable for friendships and children and provoking separation of the native from his children or from his parents.

Agrippa: It helps in the besieging of cities and taking of towns, and in the driving of men from their places, and for the destruction of seamen, and perdition of captives.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, lay sieges to castles, plead with your adversary. Take your journey. Put not to keeping. Sow and plant. Who takes a wife, he shall find her no maid. Buy no servants. Enter no ship, for she is likely to be broken. Take no new fellowship. Beware that you not be captured.

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