iLuna: the astrological lunar calendar. The phase of the Moon, the sign of the Moon and the void-of-course period for many years

Lunar Mansion 2, Al-Butain

12° 51' 26'' Aries – 25° 42' 51'' Aries

Good For

Trade and finding treasures. Seeking favor from those in a position of authority. Sowing seeds. Traveling by land. Using fire, hunting.

Not Good For

Love and friendship. Traveling by water. Being passive. Planting trees.


Effort, courage, will and energy. Conflict.


Warnock: May indicate hostility in conflict, but there is also hope for reconciliation. We must heed the volatile nature of the situation, and approach with tactful deference the person or people concerned. We are not in a position to issue commands or to act imperiously. Yet passivity, too, is ill advised. Rather, we must humble ourselves and actively seek to resolve the situation. Provided we proceed thus, the appearance of Al-Butain foretells a positive resolution to conflict.

Warnock: Can also indicate that this is a good time to seek a favour, particularly from one in a position of authority. For example, the time may be ripe for asking an employer for a raise, or seeking a favourable ruling from a judge.

Volguine: To work spells of enmity and to make pentacles for the discovery of springs and treasures.

Volguine: It gives courage, but also recklessness and indicates the will and energy to direct one's own life by ambition or by thought and not by feelings. Gives only inconstant and variable wealth.

Volguine: Promises the achievement of wisdom after much effort and frequently varied tasks, moments of recklessness caused by lack of reflection and of life experience.

Volguine: Unfavorable for sea journeys. Sea voyages of people having the Moon in this part of the heavens are always tied to painful events such as death, exile, or bad business dealings; or when it is a case of cruises or travel for pleasure, they take place under unfavourable conditions, for example, a tempest during the crossing.

Volguine: Favorable influence on trade and the discovery of treasures.

Volguine: The Snare, creates the danger of rash actions which like the net or the trap paralyse the freedom of the subject.

Agrippa: Conduces to the finding of treasures, and to the retaining of captives.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, sow your seeds, begin your journey, but it is perilous to travel by water. Do not wed. Buy tame beasts. Take no new fellowship, especially of those that have been mightier than you. If you be taken prisoner, you are likely to be long imprisoned. This Mansion is good for all things that are made with fire and for hunting. Buy no cows nor sheep. Plant no trees. Wear no new clothes.

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