iLuna: the astrological lunar calendar. The phase of the Moon, the sign of the Moon and the void-of-course period for many years

Lunar Mansion 23, Sa'd Bula

12° 51' 26'' Capricorn – 25° 42' 51'' Capricorn

Good For

Healing. Divorce. Obtaining freedom.

Not Good For

Marriage and personal relationships.


Conflict, separation, freedom, healing.


Warnock: Auspicious for divorce, liberty of captives and health of the sick.

Warnock: When this Mansion appears, it can signify that we are engaged in conflict or soon will be so. It indicates separation, divorce and the end of friendship. We are attempting to meld two factors that are inherently opposite and at odds with each other. Such a combination, this Mansion reveals, will not endure.

Warnock: The Twenty-third Mansion also warns that we are in a situation antithetical to our needs and ill suited to our personality. While this Mansion might be considered malefic, it does serve to compel a break from present circumstances and thus create a space for new beginnings. For example, Sa'd Bula can signify the weakness before recovery in an illness, and thus the painful beginning of the healing process. This Mansion tells us to examine our current situation closely and be willing to break free from an untenable position.

Warnock: Make images to heal illness, to join friends.

Volguine: Exerts a favourable influence for doctors, soldiers, and politicians, but has an unfavourable effect on everything concerning marriage, children, and contracts.

Volguine: The power of securing the favour of superiors, but in a more or less intermittent or capricious manner. It is the indication of a career strewn with strife, envy and jealousy; but which could, however, achieve some success through others.

Agrippa: It makes for divorce, liberty of captives and the health of the sick.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, receive medicine. Wear new ornaments and new clothes. Put no thing to keeping. Take your journey the third part of the day. Wed not. Buy no servants. Enter no ship. Take fellowship. If you be sized, you shall soon escape.

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