iLuna: the astrological lunar calendar. The phase of the Moon, the sign of the Moon and the void-of-course period for many years

Lunar Mansion 5, Al-Haqa

21° 25' 43'' Taurus – 4° 17' 09'' Gemini

Good For

Studies and other intellectual activities. Artistic activities. Seeking a favour from a superior. Traveling, especially by water. Return from a journey. Washing and cutting hair.

Not Good For

Social activities, collective work.


Essentially benefic. Focus on mind and intellect.


Warnock: This is a Mansion of thought and mind. It signifies the energy of the Mind of the Universe, particularly as manifest in the intellect of each person. It indicates the successful solution of an intellectual problem or the necessity of applying intelligence to a current dilemma.

Warnock: Signifies success in seeking a favour, such as a raise or a job, from a superior.

Warnock: It calls upon us to apply our intelligence in a noble and honourable fashion, and not to resort to low cunning or trickery.

Warnock: Make images for youths to learn arts and occupations, and for the salvation of travelers, and to quickly return and for sailors to travel safely, and to improve buildings.

Warnock: Is for receiving good from kings and high officials.

Volguine: Favourable to the development of talents and aptitudes, since it signifies a well endowed and artistic nature.

Volguine: For working spells for and against friendship and to prepare pentacles for travel, since its influence is clearly favourable for travel and change of residence.

Volguine: Favorable to studies and the second half of journeys. Unfavorable influence on associations, collective enterprises, and on charitable and humanitarian works, being more propitious for private life than for social activity.

Volguine: Favors slow and laborious accumulation of wealth and exerts a favorable influence on poets.

Agrippa: It helps to the return from a journey, to the instruction of scholars, it confirms edifices, it gives health and good will.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, make matrimony, put children to learn law or scripture, or for to write or for to make medicines, or for to make a journey. Buy servants. Build. Travel by water. Take no evil fellowship. If you be taken prisoner, you shall pay and will escape. Wash your head, shear your hair.

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