iLuna: the astrological lunar calendar. The phase of the Moon, the sign of the Moon and the void-of-course period for many years

Lunar Mansion 9, Al-Tarf

12° 51' 26'' Cancer – 25° 42' 51'' Cancer

Good For

Defending yourself from attacks.

Not Good For

Health. Travel. Love and friendship. Gardening.


Disappointment, discord. Defence.


Warnock: This Mansion generally implies a negative answer to questions. It warns of approaching misfortune, particularly with regard to health and travel. The manifestation of this energy might be more inwardly directed, too, foretelling a time of depression or disappointment.

Warnock: Al-Tarf gives us heed to prepare. By cultivating acceptance, emotional stability, wisdom and faith that all things have purpose, burdens grow much lighter.

Warnock: Is good to defend yourself from being attacked by another man.

Volguine: Imparts a sort of romanticism that has a marked effect on actions.

Volguine: It marks one affable and benevolent, but acts in various ways depending on sex: in a masculine chart it favours marriage and increases the force of personality; in a feminine horoscope, it exercises a bad influence on marriage and makes the native easily discouraged, sullen and unhappy.

Volguine: Signifies prudence, tenacity, and stability. A journey should not be begun when the Moon is in this mansion because it exerts a bad influence on travel.

Volguine: Imparts a great need of faith (which does not seem to always mean religious faith), and desire for authority, but doesn't indicate a sense of responsibility.

Agrippa: It hinders harvests and travellers, and puts discord between men.

Ashmole 396: When the Moon is in this Mansion, sow no seeds. Take no journey. Borrow no thing, procure no man no harm. Enter into ship for you shall hastily go and return. Be in fellowship. Shear not your hair. Wear no new clothes lest you be drowned in them. Make strong your gates and locks. Remove your grain from one place to another. Put in order your beds and also your curtains.

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