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iLuna: the astrological lunar calendar. The phase of the Moon, the sign of the Moon and the void-of-course period for many years
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Symbol Explanations
  • New Moon
  • First Quarter
  • Full Moon
  • Last Quarter
  • Solar Eclipse
  • Lunar Eclipse
  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces
  • Lunar Day
  • Lunar Station (Mansion)
  • Apogee
  • Perigee
  • Void of Course Start
  • Void of Course End

Lunar Day 1

A day for making plans and 'symbolic beginnings'. Do not push forward too actively in a new direction while the Moon is still invisible in the sky. Instead, try to prioritise the activity which you know will be important for you during the coming month.

Sit down at the table and work out what needs to be done. Draw up a plan and take the very first step forward. There will be other days for everything else.


Lunar Day 2

A day for laying foundations. Good for beginnings, especially for long term issues such as conceiving a child or laying the first bricks of your future house. It favours moves, trips, long journeys and buying property, but it is a day when financial machinations or theft will bring trouble.


Lunar Day 3

Different traditions give contradictory interpretations of this day. The Vedic tradition recommends getting actively involved in an occupation, and Avesta even stresses being aggressive. Yet the European tradition states that the day is inauspicious and nothing important should be undertaken.


Lunar Day 4

This is a contradictory day. In the Vedic and Avesta traditions, it is inauspicious and only good for conflict and getting rid of anything outmoded. Nothing should be started, especially if it is connected to any kind of material gain. In the European tradition this is a good day for beginnings, especially if you are searching for something lost. It is also lucky for any kind of business that deals with water.


Lunar Day 5

The Vedic tradition considers this day to be the best for any the actions intended to bring benefits, and also excellent for beginning any enterprise. The European tradition states the opposite: the day is inauspicious, bringing losses and dangerous illnesses.


Lunar Day 6

Without doubt, an auspicious day. It is good for intellectual activities, study, spiritual pursuits and also for searching for lost people, animals and things. It favours recovery and the restoration of health. The Vedic tradition especially recommends this day for building and anything connected with property.


Lunar Day 7

On the whole, an auspicious day. It is a good day for starting a journey, and for everything to do with transport and vehicles. It is also good for surgery and medical treatment, for physical exercise and for everything which can be finished quickly. However, beware of telling others something you didn't really mean to tell them on this day.


Lunar Day 8

An auspicious day for trips, especially a business trip or long journey. The Vedic tradition recommends this day for many different things, including art, physical activities, and any business related to property. This is also thought to be one of the best days for any kind of beginning. However, this could be a critical day for those who are ill.


Lunar Day 9

A day of struggle, the aggravation of conflicts, and heightened risk. Nothing new should be started on this day, especially if it is connected to material issues. The best things to do on this day are physical activities, such as working with land and taking care of plants and animals.


Lunar Day 10

This is an exceptionally auspicious day in all traditions. It is especially good for beginning important business or acquiring a large-scale acquisition. It is also beneficial for travelling and anything connected to transport and vehicles. It gives those who were born on this day a love of long journeys.


Lunar Day 11

This day gives you an abundance of energy and favours moves and changes. It helps to get off the ground a business which was previously derailed. Make sure you put your excess energy into something useful, however, to avoid conflicts and bust-ups.


Lunar Day 12

Different traditions disagree about this day but overall, it is thought to be rather negative. It isn't advisable to undertake anything important, but if you have promised something to someone, make sure you keep your word. Medical treatment is not advisable on this day, especially if it involves surgery.


Lunar Day 13

European tradition treats this day as an exclusively negative for all sorts of affairs and especially negative for health. At the same time in Vedic tradition this day is auspicious. It favours important beginnings, improvement of relationships with other people and pleasant ways of spending time.


Lunar Day 14

Different astrological traditions strongly disagree about this day. The Vedic tradition doesn't recommend starting anything, especially if it concerns getting income, and advises you not to travel. On the contrary, Globa considers this day appropriate for any important business, and the European tradition treats it as generally happy.


Lunar Day 15

This is a more or less neutral day in the European and Vedic traditions, although it does increase sexuality and physical activity. In Vedic astrology it also favours new beginnings. However, for Globa this is a "Satanic" day, with all the ensuing consequences...


Lunar Day 16

An auspicious day, especially for trade, travelling and any occupations connected to land, property and animals. It is considered to be the best day for selling animals. Also good for celebrations, parties and festivities.


Lunar Day 17

A good day for marriage, the birth of children, family holidays and household chores. It favours all occupations connected to homes, households and land. The use of alcohol, medicines or drugs on this day should be strictly limited. Only Albert the Great describes this day as particularly negative.


Lunar Day 18

A more-or-less positive day. It favours the beginning of long-term projects, especially those aimed at earning money. It is an appropriate day to seek medical advise and treat your health, but chronic diseases can also be aggravated on this day.


Lunar Day 19

A difficult, even dangerous, day in all astrological traditions. It is suited only for struggles with enemies, and the destruction of anything outmoded. On this day, good deeds and noble actions may bring a very different result to the one you had been hoping for. It isn't suitable for starting anything important, especially connected with earning money. Marriage is undesirable, and you should also avoid drunks.


Lunar Day 20

A beneficial day in all traditions, especially for important beginnings. Good for marriage. However, this day may be difficult for those who are ill and children born on this day may have a difficult temper.


Lunar Day 21

An active and lucky day. Good for making moves, trips and travelling in general. It is also beneficial for friendships, entertainment and holidays. It favours sports, physical exercise and outdoor activities. In addition, it is not a bad day for business undertakings, trade and gambling. Anything lost on this day will soon be found again.


Lunar Day 22

Different traditions completely disagree on how to treat this day. The European tradition takes it as particularly inauspicious, but suggests that those who were born on this day have the potential to become good people. The Vedic tradition considers it auspicious for trips and transport, whilst Globa recommends it as a day to study sciences, and master a specific subject.


Lunar Day 23

Most traditions consider this day as fairly good and active. The European tradition portends fame and honours to matters which come to a head on this day, but it doesn't recommend starting anything new. The Vedic tradition promises success in many affairs and also does recommend starting something new. For Globa, it is a day of penitence when vampires rage...


Lunar Day 24

In the European tradition, this day is of no account and is considered to be absolutely neutral, but Veda and Avesta emphasise that it increases physical energy and sexuality, and inclines to arguments, risks and rivalry. It is not recommended to start anything, especially with the hopes of significant financial results.


Lunar Day 25

Different traditions contradict each other about this day. Albert the Great considers it to be unfortunate, whilst Vronsky and Veda see it as auspicious for trips and travelling, trade and buying. Veda recommends that important affairs should be started on this day, but Globa believes everyone should be passive and contemplative.


Lunar Day 26

An inauspicious day. Don't start anything new, be temperate, and get rid of anything superfluous or harmful. Also, try to avoid unnecessary outlays of money and energy. At the same time, this day helps you to see the real face of other people and unveils those who wish you harm. Its influence on health is mostly negative.


Lunar Day 27

An auspicious day in all traditions. The only difference is that Veda doesn't recommend travelling, whilst Globa suggests it is positive for travel, but advises against drinking alcohol.


Lunar Day 28

A happy day. Good for beginning an important pursuit, for getting to know influential people, and for meeting friends. It favours holidays, amusements and pleasures, and it improves health.


Lunar Day 29

All traditions agree that this is an inauspicious day, Travel is not recommended, nor should you start anything with the aim of receiving [gain or material benefits]. Do only those things which are absolutely necessary at the moment, and get rid of anything useless.


Lunar Day 30

An exceptionally auspicious day, which, unfortunately, does not happen every lunar month. It favours all beginnings, and helps the sick to recuperate and improve. It also favours a successful, smooth ending to all matters which have reached their final stage. It is important to be generous, and to recognise and reward everyone's contribution.


New Moon

A time of lull, the completion of old activities and the preparation of new ones. Everything is in decline now - life energy, emotions and physiological activity. For this reason, any projects which require significant effort are not advisable now. This is an inauspicious time for people with low blood pressure and those prone to depression.

First Quarter of the Moon

A stressful period of time when there is a strong desire to accomplish something, to change, and to show oneself. However, before undertaking anything, first stop and think: is it really needed? Obstacles multiply at this time and contradictions sharpen. Plans developed under this influence often turn out to be unrealistic because people tend to overvalue their abilities.

Full Moon

A period of excess when everything in nature brims over. Emotions, psychic energy, physiological activity - everything is at its maximum. This is the time of increased creativity, but with those who are prone to high blood pressure, epilepsy or over excitement, this Full Moon period can be problematic.

Last Quarter of the Moon

A stressful and unsettled period. Your ambitions are being stirred up and there is a desire to do something very important and show everyone how cool you are. However, the best way forward is to think thoroughly before doing anything and to direct your energy towards jobs planned earlier, rather than ideas which have just sprung into your head now.

Moon in Aries

An increase of activity, impetuosity, striving, and energetic action. This Moon favours occupations which demand courage, decisiveness, swiftness and initiative, but anything which requires patience, diligence and diplomacy is likely to decline now. It is a good time for athletics, and for solving problems by 'brainstorming'. Dental visits are not recommended on the Aries Moon.

In the body, Aries rules the head and all the organs located on it.

Moon in Taurus

Patience, diligence, perseverance and practicality are on the increase. The Moon in Taurus favours occupations which demand prolonged and persistent effort, but it is also good for complete rest in comfort and coziness. It is a good time to treat plants. It is best to avoid undertaking anything which requires quickness, decisiveness and quick-wittedness.

In the body, Taurus rules neck and throat.

Moon in Gemini

Sociability, cheerfulness and quick-wittedness are on the increase, and there is an interest in all kinds of information. The Moon in Gemini favours study, intellectual pursuits, acquaintances, conferences and gatherings. However, heightened changeability and scattering your interests can prevent you from getting definite, tangible results.

In the body the sign of Gemini is associated with lungs, upper airways, arms and hands, clavicles.

Moon in Cancer

Increased emotions, vulnerability and touchiness. Your need for seclusion could become quite strong, and there is a desire to communicate only with those closest to you. It is not a good idea to deal with large groups of people, or to appear on stage. You may also want to care for others, or have others look after you. Emotional difficulties may also be an obstacle to business success.

In the body, the sign of Cancer is associated primarily with stomach and breasts.

Moon in Leo

The desire to be noticeable, appreciated, and to feel you are the centre of other people's attention will be dominant. There is a stronger than usual desire to hear praise, and your emotions will be expressed vividly and openly. This is a good time to perform and appear on stage, to play, create and do everything which inspires you and lets you express your inner self. However, your ability to perceive details and nuances could deteriorate at this time.

In the body, Leo is associated with the heart and also the back.

Moon in Virgo

Attention towards details is on the increase, with a tendency to fault-finding, cleanliness and neatness. It is a good time to undertake routine, painstaking work, and to search for and correct errors. Your body may be more intolerant of low-grade food and harmful substances, and this is a good day to begin a diet.

In the body, Virgo is associated with the bowels and abdomen in general.

Moon in Libra

Increased sociability, interest in new acquaintances, a desire for mutual understanding. Partnerships are in focus. Good for social gatherings, celebrations, business meetings and a romantic rendezvous. However, your ability to make decisions suffers because people are more prone to doubts and hesitation now.

Libra is associated with lower back and the kidneys.

Moon in Scorpio

An emotionally difficult time. There is increased jealousy, greediness, envy and other negative feelings. The colours of the world turn black and white. Sexuality and sensuality go up and strong, powerful emotions run high, whilst diplomacy and tact will noticeably decline. However, it is a good time for any occupation which needs intensity and total devotion.

In the body, Scorpio rules sexual organs, pelvis, colon and urinary system.

Moon in Sagittarius

Generosity, openness, optimism and the desire to give advice and share experience are all increased. There is a heightened interest in travel and foreign countries, and any activities and recreations taking place in the open air. You may, however, be over-confident and may not have a good grasp of practicalities. It is a suitable time for large-scale plans but not for any occupations which require attention to detail.

In the body, Saggitarius rules hips and thighs.

Moon in Capricorn

There is an increase in formality, strictness and exactitude, with a tendency to reserve and distance. Rules and regulations are dominant. It is a suitable time for all activities which require extra responsibility and discipline, but you shouldn't rely on someone's receptivity or emotional pliability.

Capricorn is associated with the knees and also with all the bones.

Moon in Aquarius

There is an increased interest in knowledge, and a need to communicate with like-minded individuals. At the same time, your desire for freedom and independence is strengthened, and you will want to establish your own rules. It is a good period for reading, study and scientific pursuits. However, activities which require subordination and discipline, as well as jobs which bore you, will go from bad to worse now.

In the body, Aquarius is associated with ankles and blood vessels.

Moon in Pisces

This brings an increase of emotions and a receptivity to other peoples' feelings. You will have a desire to be of help, and you may be willing to sacrifice something for the sake of others. Your emotions predominate over common sense, so it is better to do things which require imagination and inspiration, rather than reason and cool logic. Your body may be more responsive than usual to alcohol, drugs and medicines, so beware of overdoses. Poor quality food could also give you a touch of food poisoning.

The sign of Pisces is associated with the feet and lymphatic system.

Lunar Mansion 1, Al-Sharatain

Movement, change, beginning. Burst of energy. Use of force.

Good for: Traveling, healing. Beginnings. Doing business. Gardening. Taking care of hair and nails.

Not good for: Love and friendship. Hiring employees.


Lunar Mansion 2, Al-Butain

Effort, courage, will and energy. Conflict.

Good for: Trade and finding treasures. Seeking favor from those in a position of authority. Sowing seeds. Traveling by land. Using fire, hunting.

Not good for: Love and friendship. Traveling by water. Being passive. Planting trees.


Lunar Mansion 3, Al-Thurayya

Abundance, prosperity, success, determination. Great capacity for work.

Good for: Art and creativity. Love. Using fire, hunting. Work and study. Business and commerce. Alchemy.

Not good for: Marriage, travel by water, friendship, gardening.


Lunar Mansion 4, Al-Dabaran

Enmity, struggle, conflict, argument, anger. Violent passion.

Good for: Work, craftsmanship, trade. Defeating enemies, removing obstacles.

Not good for: Marriage, friendship. Real estate, building. Wells and mines. Traveling by sea.


Lunar Mansion 5, Al-Haqa

Essentially benefic. Focus on mind and intellect.

Good for: Studies and other intellectual activities. Artistic activities. Seeking a favour from a superior. Traveling, especially by water. Return from a journey. Washing and cutting hair.

Not good for: Social activities, collective work.


Lunar Mansion 6, Al-Hana

Attraction, but also opposition.

Good for: Love and friendship, relationships. Business. Making alliances.

Not good for: Gardening. Healing.


Lunar Mansion 7, Al-Dhira

Success, abundance, trust.

Good for: Business and trade. Obtaining the favour of superiors. Love, friendship. Healing. Washing and cutting hair.

Not good for: Law and justice.


Lunar Mansion 8, Al-Nathrah

Love, power, victory.

Good for: Love and marriage. Family life, friendship. Achievement of a goal. Travel by land. Healing.

Not good for: Hiring employees.


Lunar Mansion 9, Al-Tarf

Disappointment, discord. Defence.

Good for: Defending yourself from attacks.

Not good for: Health. Travel. Love and friendship. Gardening.


Lunar Mansion 10, Al-Jabhah

Recovery. Benevolence. Help against enemies.

Good for: Love and friendship. Social activities. Studies. Health, spirituality. Building.

Not good for: Traveling. Abuse of drugs and medications.


Lunar Mansion 11, Al-Zubrah

Power, gain and respect.

Good for: Profit and gain. Marriage. Travel. Promotion, making a request to a person in authority. Gardening. Cutting hair. Building. Actions that require courage.

Not good for: Health of women.


Lunar Mansion 12, Al-Sarfah

Conflict and confrontation. Obstacles. Rich harvest.

Good for: Gardening, agriculture, building. Sending messages. Service and work for others.

Not good for: Marriage, personal relationships. Sea journeys.


Lunar Mansion 13, Al-Awwa

Achievement of desire. Increase. Benevolence.

Good for: Love, especially sexual love. Trade and finances. Beginning of creative projects. Traveling. Gardening. Healing. Building. Cutting and washing hair.

Not good for: Overeating.


Lunar Mansion 14, Al-Simak

Movement, improvement, transition.

Good for: Romantic love, friendship. Moving house, leaving a job or a relationship. Healing. Traveling by sea. Gardening.

Not good for: Marriage. Traveling by land.


Lunar Mansion 15, Al-Ghafr

Prosperity. Discord. Focus on the material.

Good for: Business, money, wealth. Treasure hunting.

Not good for: Love and romantic relationships. Family matters. Traveling.


Lunar Mansion 16, Al-Zubana

Wealth and prosperity, but no love.

Good for: Trade, business, wealth, prosperity.

Not good for: Love, relationships. Traveling. Healing. Gardening.


Lunar Mansion 17, Al-Iklil

Prevented loss. Friendship.

Good for: Financial security. Friendship. Love and marriage. Building. Promotion. Healing. Cutting hair.

Not good for: Traveling. Risky commercial operations.


Lunar Mansion 18, Al-Qalb

Impending danger. Defence.

Good for: Building, farming. Treatment of stomach. Exposing enemies.

Not good for: Almost anything. Family matters. Excessive eating, or eating an unknown food.


Lunar Mansion 19, Al-Shaulah

Battle and besiegement. Loss and sadness.

Good for: Farming and gardening. Aggressive actions. Hunting.

Not good for: Business and commerce. Friendship. Family matters. Traveling by sea.


Lunar Mansion 20, Al-Na'am

Concentrated and controlled energy. Passions.

Good for: Travelling by land, collective effort and work. Dealing with animals, hunting. Building.

Not good for: Marriage. Financial matters.


Lunar Mansion 21, Al-Baldah

Enmity, argument and conflict.

Good for: Farming and gardening, building. Healing. Travel. Earnings.

Not good for: Marriage and personal relationships. Hiring employees.


Lunar Mansion 22, Sa'd al-Dhabih

Speed, escape. Personal power.

Good for: Healing. Traveling. Escaping from difficult situations.

Not good for: Marriage. Financial matters, trade. Hiring employees.


Lunar Mansion 23, Sa'd Bula

Conflict, separation, freedom, healing.

Good for: Healing. Divorce. Obtaining freedom.

Not good for: Marriage and personal relationships.


Lunar Mansion 24, Sa'd al-Su'ud

Nurture and nutrition. Fulfillment.

Good for: Starting a new project. Love and marriage. Increasing income, commerce and finances. Building.

Not good for: Those in power. Travel by water.


Lunar Mansion 25, Sa'd al-Akhbiyah

Growth and protection. Revenge.

Good for: Farming and gardening, protection of plants and crops. Studies and intellectual activities.

Not good for: Friendship, marriage. Conception and pregnancy.


Lunar Mansion 26, Al Fargh al-Awwal

Love and affection. Union.

Good for: Love and marriage, friendship. Health and healing. Traveling by land. Farming and gardening. Commerce.

Not good for: Sea journeys. Building.


Lunar Mansion 27, Al Fargh al-Thani

Income, connection, mischief.

Good for: Business and commerce. Healing. Farming and gardening.

Not good for: Building. Travel by sea. Starting a new project.


Lunar Mansion 28, Batn al-Hut

Guidance and completion. Fruition.

Good for: Marriage. Business and commerce. Farming and gardening. Traveling.

Not good for: Health.


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